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Life Drawing Studies:

Life Drawing Study in Charcoal | Charcoal Drawing Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

These life drawing studies are a collection of mostly pencil, charcoal and oil pastel drawings done from nude life studies while at university. From quick gesture studies to lengthy poses by the model, this group represents Chris' drawing skills. Oftentimes, the eraser was used to erase and brighten the drawing surface.
Life Drawing Portfolio.

Studies from the Masters:

Ballerina Graphite Pencil Drawing | Pencil Drawing Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This collection of drawings displays Chris' studies from the Masters. Renoir, DeChirico, Cezanne are amongst the famous artists he has copied here to examine how their drawing process functioned and evolved. Many of these sketches are not very well-known and have rarely been seen.
Master Drawing Studies Portfolio.

Personal Drawing Studies:

Cubist nude charcoal drawing | Charcoal Drawing Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

A group of personal drawings Chris completed of friends and life studies done during his independent study whilst at university. During this independent study, he discovered a style all his own, which was influenced very much by the Italian Futurists and Cubists of the early 20th century.
Personal Drawing Portfolio.