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Oil Paintings

Oil Painting No. 1:

Still-life oil painting | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This may have been one of my first oil paintings. It is a still-life which I did i college up at Colorado State University. If I remember right, the subject matter was some sort of sporting pads (baseball or cricket, I don't recall) draped over a divider screen. The entire class, of course had to paint the scene. Luckily, we moved quickly from painting still-lifes to abstract.

Oil Painting No. 2:

Abstract number one oil painting | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

I can't really remember when this painting was finished in relation to the others, in fact it may have been done after all the ones that appear on this page. That really doesn't matter though. What does matter is the fact that this painting was one of the first that I became recognized by.

If memory serves me right, I believe it came out of frustration in not knowing what the professor really wanted from all of us. I believe I was still struggling with creating abstract pieces and the orange diagonal coming from the left side and moves downward to the bottom middle of this painting was really done as an act of frustration and anger. I've been told by many people that they see different things in this piece. Some see a portrait of John Lennon, some see a screaming mouth and the viewer looking down the throat of this screaming mouth, or others see some others sorts of erotic-themed images. I never set out to represent any of these items, but enjoy hearing what others see or interpret within this painting.

Oil Painting No. 3:

Abstract number two oil painting | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

I started this painting from a pencil drawing I made from the porch of the house. The porch was overgrown with vines and it was mid-summer and the leaves were huge and making the porch area nice and cool as I sat there sketching away. The neighbor's dog was out in the yard and I had to include him into the piece. If you look closely, you can see the head of the dog in the bottom left corner.

Abstract paintings oftentimes lead the viewers to project imagery into the piece. This painting is no different, many people call this one my 'batman painting'. It's always interesting to hear people's interpretations.

Oil Painting No. 4:

Abstract number three oil painting | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This abstract painting I was playing with using thinner coats of paint and letting the mineral spirits make the paint drip down the canvas. I left many portions of the canvas show through on this one. In other areas, I used the palette knife to layer paint on. This one is an experiment in seeing how different layers of paint react with each other.