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Personal Art Work


St. Giles Cathedral | Edinburgh, Scotland | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

The most extensive of all the art work portfolios, the photography section contains collages, pinholes, black & white images, as well as alternatively printed images.

Many of the images were taken in Europe.
Photography Portfolio.


Abstract Painting | ©Chris J. Politzki | Thumbnail

This section contains a total of four original oil paintings. Subject matter is mostly abstract with one being a still-life.
Painting Portfolio.


Candleholder Sculpture | ©Chris J. Politzki | Thumbnail

Containing sculpture and carvings, this section contains several pieces. Most of the pieces are original designs with one being created with found objects.
Sculpture Portfolio.


Life Drawing | ©Chris J. Politzki | Thumbnail

This section is broken out into three sections. One devoted to life drawing studies, another to studies from the masters, and personal drawing studies. Most of the drawings are in charcoal, pencil, conte crayon and oil pastels.
Drawing Portfolio.