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Photographic Works

Photographic Collages:

St. Giles Cathedral | Edinburgh, Scotland | Photographic Collage Thumbnail | ┬ęChris J. Politzki

These photographic images are a collection of traditionally photographed scenes. No Photoshop work has been applied other than a possible drop shadow behind the images. I often refer to them as my 'Photographic Collage' work.
Collages Portfolio.

Pinhole Photographs:

Picacho Peak | Arizona, USA | Pinhole Photography Thumbnail

This body of work utilizes the use of pinhole photographic cameras, some of which have been hand-made. The pinhole camera, or camera obscura, is one of the oldest optical devices. It was even used in during the Italian Renaissance to create realistic perspective in paintings. The end-result imagery produced by these devices are quite unique. Depth of field is infinite and the focus is oftentimes very soft, creating a dream-like atmosphere to the images.
Pinhole Portfolio.

Silver Gelatin / Black and White Photographic Prints:

Guitar with light trail | Black and White Photography Thumbnail

Almost everyone who studies photography has spent time in the dark room creating black & white photographic prints. This body of work demonstrates some of the explorations I took while having access to a fully-equipped dark room.
Black and White Portfolio.

Alternative Photographic Printing Processes:

Stone formation | Colorado, USA | Alternative Process Photography Thumbnail

Many alternative photographic printing processes exist for photography. Traditional black and white prints are created with silver gelatin. However, palladium, cyanotype and albumen are other possible methods used in the past and have been rediscovered for their creation of beautiful print tonal ranges.
Alternative Processes Portfolio.

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