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Sculpture No. 1:

Summoning figure clay sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This sculpture is made out of clay and linen. As I began discovering it's form and shape, I began to exaggerate the perspective of the piece so that when looking from above the small figure would appear bigger and larger than life than it actually was. In reality, it only stands perhaps 10-12" high. I believe the inspiration came from a Jethro Tull song.

Sculpture No. 2:

Clay japanese lantern sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This sculpture piece is my 'japanese lantern'. The pattern for each side came to me in a dream I had. Vertical slits in the clay sides occur at intervals of three and then two.

The pattern that is thrown by a candle placed inside is quite amazing really. Not only do the sides create streaks of light on a wall, but the top also displays quite a pleasing pattern on the ceiling when the lantern is used indoors.

Sculpture No. 3:

Standing stone circle clay sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki
image #2 image #3

It truly is remarkable how visual music can be. Once again, a song inspired this piece and who might the artist be, you ask? None other than Jethro Tull again. This piece is perhaps 2'x2' wide and stands maybe 6-7" at it's highest point. It is made of clay and has been colored by shoe polish. It it supposed to represent a standing stone circle on top of a hilltop.

Sculpture No. 4:

Ivory soap sculpture of a face | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki
image #2

These next few sculptures were carved from ivory soap. Oftentimes, the pieces of soap were glued together to form a larger carving surface. This one in particular was a heady study in the spirit of Pablo Picasso. Angular features to the face are abundant.

Sculpture No. 5:

Soap sculpture of a melting face | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

This soap sculpture was definitely carved from two pieces of soap as it has more depth than the previous one. At the time, I was taking an Art History course and Salvador Dali was the inspiration for this one. As Dali did frequently, I also imitated by also melting forms and this piece is no exception. The nose is beginning to give way, the eyelid is dripping and various other portions of the face are deteriorating away. The form of a face is barely recognizable.

Sculpture No. 6:

Dancing figure soap sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

At first sight, this sculpture piece may be difficult to decipher, but spend some time with it and yo will clearly see a dancing human figure. This soap piece was definitely a stream-of-consciousness process. As I began whittling away at the soap different shapes began to reveal themselves until finally this final form was revealed.

Sculpture No. 7:

Surrealistic face soap sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki
image #2

Yet another face depicted out of soap. Also inspired by the surrealists and Dali, but this time I kept the face half intact and the other half melting away. As you rotate this piece around you can see the level of deterioration much greater on the back side.

Sculpture No. 8:

Found object toy figure sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki
image #2

A found object sculpture here. I scavenged many a thrift store to find these toy figures. Some of them I left complete, but others I broke up to create a cyclone of figures. Legs and body parts strewn together and all wrapped up in a cubed wire frame.

Sculpture No. 9:

Birth of Eve from Adam's rib clay sculpture | Thumbnail | ©Chris J. Politzki

A conceptual piece out of clay, this one represents the birth of Eve from Adam's rib cage. This is a debated belief that God created Eve as Adam's companion from a single rib of Adam's. I'm not a very religious person, but I really enjoyed this imagery and wanted to challenge myself with trying to represent it in a three-dimensional aspect.